TAIGA - Natural Botanical Cologne


Taiga is named after the northern hemisphere’s last sylvan region before the barren tundra. This scent incorporates oils derived from hardy plants that live in this harsh climate. Comprised of moss and wood notes, Taiga’s base is earthy and sweet. Spruce and mint-like top notes compete Taiga with coniferous spice and wintriness.

Like all Tamarack scents, Taiga is natural, vegan, and free of synthetic compounds and scent molecules. It contains 20% organic and wild-harvested essential oils and absolutes. The other 80% is a proprietary blend of organic grain, perfumers alcohol and castor oil. At this high concentration, this scent would be classically defined as a “parfum” or “eau de toilette.” For maximum protection from UV light, it comes in a 15ml amber glass bottle.

*** Cautionary Note: Pregnant women should avoid use of this product because of the emmenagogic nature of some essential oils that it contains.

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