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BOTANIST - Natural Botanical Cologne


Botanist studies the complexities of plant specimens, foraged from overgrown gardens and ancient forests. This scent is reminiscent of a nineteenth century root cellars and dew-covered greenhouses. Oakmoss and labdanum bind Botanist to the skin with smoky undertones and animalistic sweetness. Basil, lemongrass, and several secret ingredients complete this scent with depth and a refreshing hint of vitality

Like all Tamarack scents, Botanist is natural, vegan, and free of synthetic compounds and scent molecules. It contains 20% organic and wild-harvested essential oils and absolutes. The other 80% is a proprietary blend of organic grain, perfumers alcohol and castor oil. At this high concentration, this scent would be classically defined as a “parfum” or “eau de toilette.” For maximum protection from UV light, it comes in a 15ml amber glass bottle.

*** Cautionary Note: Pregnant women should avoid use of this product because of the emmenagogic nature of some essential oils that it contains.

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