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This is a four vial sampler of our colognes. Each glass vial contains approximately 0.5 ml (good for about five applications). Please refer to our full listings for cologne descriptions.

All Old Tamarack colognes are natural, vegan, and free of synthetic compounds and scent molecules. They contain 20% organic and wild-harvested essential oils and absolutes. The other 80% is a proprietary blend of organic grain, perfumers alcohol and castor oil. At this high concentration, this scent would be classically defined as a “parfum” or “eau de toilette.”

*** Cautionary Note: Pregnant women should avoid use of this product because of the emmenagogic nature of some essential oils that it contains.

*** This item ships USPS First Class and should arrive within 2-5 days after it has been mailed. For faster shipping, please contact us before checking out.

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